Wednesday, January 7, 2015

The garden

After Katrina the home next to mine was sold to the state/feds as a part of the Road Home Program.  The house was torn down (mostly damaged because it was in disrepair and sat wet and soggy for weeks).  Years later I was offered the opportunity to buy the property and at very reasonable price.  During it's fallow period I had often looked at it dreaming of a garden.  The sunlight reached almost the whole lot whereas my lot was covered in trees, pecan, oak, fig!! So I jumped at the opportunity and discovered that there were financial incentives for keeping the lot "green".  With a lot of help from community groups I developed a Community Garden.  It has been up and running for four years.  Many gardeners have come and gone, mostly learning the work involved and either deciding to carry on in their own yards or that gardening in New Orleans summer heat is a huge chore.  I have tried to make the garden park like, a place to come for solitude, but also fun.  We hold Easter Egg Hunts and Halloween trick of treating.  The neighborhood kids have all started a plant or two and watched them flourish.  I have a growing fruit tree orchard and in a few years I suspect we will be hauling fruit to all the neighbors.
This is the shed built of reused materials.  The slate roof is my particular love as well as the two stained glass windows given to me by Christy Dixon.  

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