Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Prayer flags

These are the first prayer flags to hang over my garden. The garden is a story unto itself, perhaps next time.  I started spotting eagles in my neighborhood and was worried about my little 11lb pup, Skip.  The vet said to fly some flags or banners and that would be a distraction.  So, I gathered neighbors and friends young and old to paint prayer flags.  Hand dyed pieces of cloth were decorated with meaningful symbols and words and they were set to fly.  This picture is of the original ones.  They are now tattered but there is a new batch to replace them.  Doing these made me realize what a perfect small experimental piece prayer flags can be and by their nature have a spiritual meaning.
I have been taking Jane Dunnewold's Master Dyers Class for two years and have learned and relearned a lot of surface design techniques, the prayer flags became the perfect place to practice.  After I got comfortable with them I began selling them in the gallery and giving them as gifts.  They allow me a freedom of play that I can't take with the expensive silk I use for my wearables.
More pics coming!


  1. Welcome to Blogland, Val!!! Congratulations on your new blog and your amazing post! I loved all of the pics; but, most of all I loved hearing the story behind the beginning of the prayer flags. I remember so well your having to mind Skip because of he eagles! Many blessings and wishes for success!!! ♥ Terri

  2. Congratulations, Val - you're up and running! I love your prayer flags. It will be fun to follow along here as you progress from the dye stage to the done stage!

  3. Val...great to see the blog up and it'll be fun to follow along. I'm going to add a link on my blog in my list of favorites!! I already have the other gals there too!