Sunday, January 4, 2015

The first step ...

The Rooster and the Buddha

Strange title but some how it fits.  Last night I heard a commotion on my front porch and went to check it out.  The neighborhood rooster, I do live in a New Orleans in a neighborhood full of delightful surprises, had jumped up onto my bench and was seeming to have a conversation with my Buddha statue that calmly sits there.  The juxtaposition of the colorful and often ever-present  rooster with the calm and contemplative Buddha delighted me and is in many ways descriptive of my life.  A retired social worker, I have a successful fiber business, I dye colorful silks and cottons using Shibori techniques which are sold in galleries.  I also have a deep spiritual life that often is seen in my work.  More recently I have begun making prayer flags that manage to contain both the Rooster and the Buddha.
I have always liked the process of writing and most of mine has been tucked away in journals all over my house.  This is a step outside although I doubt there will be many readers, it will be fun to attempt to combine my loves in a more open type of "journal"
Today I worked on some prayer flags using textile paints and a Gelli plate, I used the round one and am not totally happy with the outcome but they are hardly done and hopefully the next layer(s) will make my heart sing!
My next challenge is getting some photos here! Lets see how I do!

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